Thoughts, Beliefs And Our Actions

Another picture from my mini-vault… this me working out at the infamous “Warehouse” and look who I am working out with? We are blasting arms! Our wonderful President of the IFBB Pro League and NPC Worldwide organization, Jim Manion! I have lots of great stories and cool insights from Jim and I am so very thankful for his trust and faith in me over the years.

The most powerful tool we each have to manifest what we desire is the focus of our thoughts. Our beliefs come from our thoughts, and our actions are a natural response to those beliefs.

Belief isn’t a matter of right or wrong, nor correct or incorrect. Belief is a function of what we decide to accept as our truths. Usually our reasons for believing anything are really just the excuses we have decided to accept as truth or right or wrong. In the end, we get to decide what is worthy of our worldview and the reasons why. All of it is truly an individual journey and many spend their lives arguing with everyone around them for consensus when none is necessary to hold a truth as your own. The magic of each of our truths is that if we really believe something is a truth for us, then it becomes true in all of its consequences in our individual experiences. The most important truths however, are the ones we hold about ourselves. Who am I and what are the possibilities for my life? These truths decide who you are in every moment and what potential you will live out. Choose your thoughts wisely and intentionally, you will become what you most prominently think about. For me… I am joy. I am love. I am so very good.

5 Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

By: Tad Inoue – Owner –

Thank you for taking time out to read our healthy lifestyle blog.  Our intention is to provide you with some real-life tips on how to re-gain control of your health and provide a pathway for better living.  Thank you again and happy reading.

Do you think that if you took better care of your health you could feel better and increase your productivity? It’s easy to put off healthy living habits, but you don’t have to wait for New Years to start planning a healthier lifestyle. If you feel that you need to make improvements to your lifestyle for your health, you’re not alone. Taking time to reevaluate our lifestyles is part of life!

Although it’s hard to get out of old habits, a healthy lifestyle can give you more energy, improved mental health, and can increase your chances of defeating illnesses.

Here are five steps you can take to managing a healthier lifestyle:

  1. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet

Adding fruits and vegetables is a perfect foundation for starting a healthy routine. Vegetables, like leafy greens, and fruits contain plentiful amounts of nutrients such as vitamins and antioxidants that help boost your immune system and fight off disease causing toxins. Antioxidants help fight eye disease, promote healthy skin, and overall health. The World Health Organization recommends eating fruits and veggies as a regular part of your diet so you’ll have a better chance of fighting some cancers, diseases, and heart disease. Make sure to eat five to nine servings of varied veggie and fruits per day.

  1. Drink water

You can save money and improve your health by drinking water throughout the day. The natural liquid offers the benefits of hydration, nourishment, and improved well-being. Water can cleanse toxins from the body, improve brain function, energize muscles, control weight gain, and balance body temperature and fluids. It’s recommended to drink about 8 glasses, or 64 ounces, of water per day.

   3.   Manage your mental health

When it comes to building a healthy lifestyle, it’s easy to concentrate on the physical aspects of health and ignore the mental upkeep. Remember that your mental health is a foundation of your overall health. It’s important to manage and asses your feelings on a day-to-day basis. If you feel negative towards others, you could cause more unhappiness at work, school, or in your social life. Some ways you can improve your mental health include:

  • Exercise
  • Socialize with loved ones
  • Join a club
  • Sleep 7-9 hours every night
  • Do something creative
  • Meditate (or practice mindful living)

If you continue to feel unhappy or even depressed, consult your physician or talk to a professional about ways you can improve your mental health.

  1. Destress

Sometimes it’s beneficial to stop, take a deep breath, and relax. You can help maintain your physical and mental health by decompressing from a long, stressful school or work week. Try some relaxing activities to help you relax. Take advantage of meditation, listening to music, reading, watching a comedy, or exercising. These activities can help you unwind and they cause feelings of happiness and clam.

  1. Exercise

The body is truly the temple of the soul, and you don’t want that temple to fall apart! Exercise is a great way to stimulate your health and studies have shown that physical activity helps improve longevity and overall health. Try to exercise up to three times a week. The American Heart Association advises for 150 minutes of exercise each week or an hour at least three times a week. Pick a convenient time schedule out time. You could exercise for 30 minutes the morning to get energized for your day.

Remember to keep your workouts fun. You should enjoy your workout and not feel like it’s a chore. Some fun physical activities include:

  • Dancing
  • Yoga
  • Aerobics
  • Running
  • Hiking

These lifestyle tips can help you maintain a healthy and happier habits. We hope you take advantage of these tips and share them with others. Sharing health and wellness with others can help build a strong, happy community and fulfilling lives!

We hope you have found this post useful in your search for a healthier lifestyle.  For more information or if you would like to connect with Tad, call 412-567-5000.  Thank you for stopping on by.


The Creative Power Of Belief

Me and the Champ at the 2014 Arnold Classic! That year Brandon got 8th place out of 11 and Dennis Wolf took home the title that year in the mens open bodybuilding contest. My how far we have come. I remember telling myself at this show when I saw Brandon, if he just keeps his faith in himself he will be winning these shows!

We create in this life what we first believe. Everything we manifest is a vision in our imagination first. We are moved to action not because we have to, but because we are compelled by who we know we are.

What I believe about myself is the basis that I create my life with. And what I know about what is possible for me, and more importantly, what I believe I am capable of is the stuff that my future will be built from. So I know that I am worthy of all that I desire. I know that I am as wonderful as I choose to feel. I know that my life is responding to me and the tone to which I set my moments, my hours, my days and my weeks to. My question then becomes in every moment, what emotional tone do I want to feel right now? Who do I want to be in this moment? I am love. I am joy. I am so very good.

Self Knowledge Through Honest Assessment

Are you brave enough to face who you really are? Looking into the mirror of your life experience and see who you are and not just who you intend to be.

Facing who we each are is often harder than it seems. First, we must know who we really are, this kind of self knowledge is often not congruent with some of the messages that we may be telling ourselves about ourselves. We must separate our intentions from our behaviors and eliminate the judgment of the outcomes of our life. Only after looking honestly at ourselves this way can we come to a useful place that has fewer obstructions that can hinder us from becoming that fuller version of ourselves. Who we always want to become is that wonderful feeling self that is filled with joy, exudes love, is constantly excited and who feels from every interaction and experience the wellbeing that is the reason we all came to this life to experience. I am love. I am joy. I am so very good.

Pre-Thanksgiving gratitude and the meaning

Me at my desk working feeling a bit more settled into my new home. So much has changed in my life in the last 6 months that it is easy to believe that it is already almost the end of the 2019! Life does have a way of continually moving moving moving. 

If I approach each interaction in my life with the intent to first understand, then I have the highest chance of knowing more than when I entered the interaction and also of giving what most I interact with really want; to know them better. 


It is the day before Thanksgiving and I am so very thankful for who I am. There are times when I do not feel this so much, but I know that when I hold my thoughts in a place of true gratitude for just a few minutes that I can easily feel the power of who I am and what is really going on in my experience. So I try to cast judgment of my now moment out of my mind, away from my experience, and I just sit quietly and say thank you for everything. If this holiday means anything to me, it means that I feel thankful for who I am. Not my body, not what I do, or where I live, although I am grateful for all of these things. The true appreciation that I feel is for the part of me that is beyond what is so temporary. I am thankful for being a part of something that is infinite and good. I am thankful for being a part of something larger than me. I am joy. I am love. I am always so very good.