About Tad

“My first conversation with Tad was a simple Zoom call after a few short emails together. I was excited to be conversing with one of the very best in the business, and on joining the call I knew immediately this would not be the conventional exchange I was used to. I was struck by an infectious, overwhelmingly positive nature that was palpable, despite our talk happening remotely. I found his appreciation of life, and the opportunity to talk with someone halfway across the world truly humbling, and felt myself filling with joy in a way unfamiliar to the setting I was in. A simple consultation blossomed into a discussion on our interests, outlooks, our beliefs, and our dreams, and I came away feeling as though I had been in the presence of an old friend. This man, I knew then, was a rare find in the modern world.”


Tadayoshi Inoue is a speaker on mindfulness, motivation, and joyful positive living. A man with a deep love of humanity who sees every opportunity afforded by life as a blessing. He also happens to be a world-renowned Professional Diet Coach and former competitive bodybuilder with over 30 years’ experience in the industry. Here is his story:


Tad’s love affair with the sport of bodybuilding began as a 97lbs high school student, in awe of the physiques showcased in the bodybuilding magazines he got from his local store. Aged just 15 Tad began training and entered his first contest at 19. Such was the passion that drove Tad, that 95lbs high schooler once topped the scales at an impressive 280lbs! Not bad for a guy who stands 5”7!


For over three decades Tad continued to compete in the NPC, winning countless titles, competing in several different weight classes and even won a national title in Light Heavyweight. His first foray into coaching came whilst competing and owning a gym, where he found himself training & helping prepare numerous people for competition alongside his own regime. This is where Tad’s expertise for diet & training began to distinguish itself, and Tad found his services becoming more and more sought after.


Tad’s focus and passion for a happy and healthy life found a home in the sport of bodybuilding, and despite his heavy schedule he found time to study and educate himself in the fields of philosophy, spirituality & religion as well as nutrition, dietetics, & biochemistry. This instilled Tad with a wealth of knowledge that applied perfectly to bodybuilding, and more importantly to Tad, that helped guide others towards happiness.


By this time, the internet was just becoming a new fixture in the daily lives of human beings everywhere, and Tad saw an opportunity to expand his reach to help people not just in his local area, but all over the world. Tad can proudly say he was the first ever online bodybuilding diet coach, an accolade to add to his ever-growing list of accomplishments in the world of bodybuilding.


As of today, Tad has coached thousands of people in diet, training and wellness from professional athletes, top amateur athletes, and competitors in every area of bodybuilding, as well as individuals interested in optimal health and living happily. He is renowned the world over for his knowledge, experience, and insight in diet, specializing in contest preparation for figure, bikini, physique, and bodybuilding events. He also judges professionally for the IFBB having retired from competition in 2015.


His love for bodybuilding will never wane, but his passions today lie in mindfulness and joyful living. Tad’s approach is holistic, concentrating on the mind, body & spirit, and to that end he hosts the B4 Podcast and authors Tad’s Happy Bubble, a blog in which he aims to spread joy & love to others in the hope they come to live the happiest life possible. His dream is to create a huge positive change in the world using all the opportunities life has afforded him and help create a better future for those who need it the most.