Tad Inoue is a well respected diet coach and competitor in the bodybuilding/Fitness industry with over 28 years experience in diet coaching, working with athletes, and helping others achieve their body goals. Tad has worked with hundreds of clients over the years with goals in figure competition, bikini competition, bodybuilding, and weight loss.

Tad offers two kinds of coaching programs, a Premium level of diet coaching, and and "online only" diet coaching program. The Premium diet coaching programs offer one-on-one phone contact weekly, and a high level of individual care with each client's goals and body. This kind of coaching is designed for those who want the highest level of personal contact, competitors, or anyone who wants a one-on-one experience. "Online Only" coaching offers you an easy online experience directed by Tad the Diet Coach. Just like the premium coaching you will recieve a customized diet, workout and cardio schedules. With the online only coaching you interface with Tad electronically through email and our online user account for each client. Your diet is reviewed once a week for any changes that you may need to keep your body moving forward toward your goals.

Note: Contest prepraration coaching for bodybuilding, figure or bikini is available only via Premium Coaching only. Due to the precise nature of the contest prep and the amount of expertise and work needed to bring a person to contest in shape Tad the Diet Coach only offers this coaching in the premium packages with weekly phone calls.