Diet and Prep Coaching Mentorship Program

Let "Tad the Diet Coach" help you coach your clients! This is a hands-on mentorship coaching program in which we use your real-world examples to learn and grow as a coach. Each week you will receive a 30 min mentorship call with Tad in order to ask any questions and/ or troubleshoot any issues with your clients diets or prep process. You will have unlimited access to Tad via email, message and text throughout the week in order to help devise programs for your clients and solve any issues revolving around nutrition, diet, supplements, exercise and/or business development of your coaching practice.

This is a month to month program with no contracts.
*Tad the Diet Coach has over 30 years experience coaching and prepping athletes in all of the divisions of fitness, bodybuilding, figure, physique or fitness. Tad has and educational background in nutrition, exercise science and biochemistry. Tad also has worked with over 3000 clients over the years helping them to lose weight, gain muscle, optimize their health and prep for fitness and bodybuilding competition at all levels from amateur to the professional level.
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