This is an ONLINE DIET COACHING experience for competitive athletes, fitness minded individuals, and people who want professional guidance with diet and exercise. The goal is to guide you and your fitness journey along a process that will get you to where you want to be!

This kind of coaching is lead by Tad the Diet Coach. Every athlete and client will be personally guided through a dieting nutritional process, so that each and every client and athlete gets the exact and precise professional help they each need based on Tad's 30 years of nutrition and fitness experience.

How It Works & What You Get:
1. Weekly evaluations based on pictures and stats that you submit (via email:
2. An Individualized, NON-COOKIE CUTTER diet and fitness plan that is revised and updated continually throughout your process and time with us
3. Workout and cardio plans that are based on your goals
4. Supplement regimen based on your goals

What do you need to do?
1. Register as a "new user" on here:
2. Email 3 pictures (front, side and back shots in a swim or posing suit)
3. Select your goals option below and pay your fees here on this store with this item

Goal Options (below in the selector):
Select your purpose and goals whether you are a competitor, you want weight loss, or something other. This helps us know exactly what you are looking for. Then make sure you identify your purpose and goals in your user profile that you create on this website.

*This is an automatic reoccurring monthly fee of: $99/month. Your total starting fees for the 1st month are $298 ($99 plus $199 signup fee). You MUST give a 30 DAY notice before you cancel this service. You must also commit to 2 months at the minimum. There after it is simply month to month.

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