Climate Change Anxiety

“We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it.” - Barack Obama, Former US President

As I perused a long list of TedTalks earlier today to try and learn something new today. I realized that over half of the videos that I was looking at were all on some aspect of climate change and the importance of how we might impact our planet. 

You can really see who cares about this issue and who doesn’t in culture. The 20 or 30 somethings tend to care more than the Baby Boomers and elderly. I can see why given what they endured in their lives and what the youth are now looking forward to. So it seems clear. But I noticed something else. 

Much of the dialogue with younger folks tend to be mainly based on fear. I think I know why. There is a deeper reason why the younger generations tend to appear to care more. I actually think that it has less to do with their future and more to do with what they have lived through. 

The younger generation lived on cell phones and technology and the internet. they have been fed 100X more information daily than I did growing up or others who are older than me. We get that info now but like myself many who are older don’t really live on their phones and tech like many younger people do. Do the youth are exposed to a variety of fear based messages daily and have been for over 2 decades. So it makes sense there would be lots of fear and apprehension surrounding this topic for them. 

None of this information makes either side right or wrong just produces and cultivates a kind of mindset that will most likely be highly anxious (we see this in the recorded doctor visits in the US) and fearful in general. 

I stopped watching the news for this very reason over 30 years ago so I am always behind in current events. But I also do not experience any anxiety or depression in my life. I have felt it in certain times in my life but as a general rule no. 

I have no cures for this. Just an observation. But I might suggest to anyone who wants to feel less anxious or triggered about the climate or anything to turn off the news outlets you watch, read or listen to. The strategy news outlets use is very much a sensationalistic type of news telling. So it seems to always be bad or negative that is reported on. If that is what you feed your brain daily then you are in for some anxiety. 

Instead I choose stories and topics that either inspire me, make me laugh or inform me. Everything else just isn’t worth my time usually. You decide what is worth your time and then make a point to deliberately exercise your right to do it! 

I am love. I am joy. I am so very good. 

Pic: Me being pensive about climate change. 

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