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B4 podcast episode 7

B4 podcast episode #7 is here! This week Darrick Valentine and I talk about the movie Mortal Kombat, dating women, zoo’s, hunting and the “N” word! Another interesting and fun show!  *Please support the my show at: https://patron.podbean.com/tadayoshi (be a patron and get advertising each episode!) *To watch or listen to any of my shows, […]

B4 podcast episode #3

B4 podcast episode #3 is here! We introduce our topic format for each episode, our new segment “Bullshit or Bliss,” and 2 other new reoccurring segments: PED of the week and exercise of the week. This week we talk about social media influencers and their impact on fitness and bodybuilding and we talk about how […]

B4 Podcast episode 2

We’re back in our 2nd episode of the B4 podcast (Bourbon, beards, barbells & bullshit) we (Tad the Diet Coach and Zach Anderson) are getting our format down and this week we talk about coaching, our style of dieting, trainers and coaches, the world of bodybuilding, our own progress on our bodybuilding and more! *Please […]