You Are A Joyful Creature By Nature

This picture was just a few years ago at a the Fresno Classic. It is always great to chat with Kai Greene. I don’t know him well, but he is always wonderfully positive and truly a thoughtful person whenever we get the chance to chat!

Relaxing into our life’s wellbeing is essential to feeling the joy of our individual experiences. When we are too pensive or if we ruminate too much on topics of worry or anxiety, we literally leave our now moments and create a world in our minds that we live in at that time. And to some degree, our bodies then react “as if” these events or situations are happening to us right now. Sometimes so much so we can have panic attacks or other health issues. If we experience this long enough we develop a kind of cellular memory where certain attitudes and feelings become our “normal.” They can still feel uncomfortable, but when our negative emotions are mostly what we experience, then these feelings become the dominant lenses that we see our world through and thus they effect how we mostly create meaning from everything we experience. We are meant to be happy, and when we are most of the time we always thrive in all areas of our lives. Each part of our lives; our relationships, our careers, our sense of connectedness and our ability to feel our worthiness are all expressions of how we feel on the inside. True health always starts from the inside and it vibrates outward creating all the facets of our life. Who we are is really a product of what we deeply feel in each moment. I am love. I am joy. I am so very good.