Who Are You Really?

The late Rich Piana and myself back in 2013 at the USA Championships in Vegas. I didn’t know Rich very well but what an impressive fella in the business of bodybuilding. He was always so gentle and kind with me. I didn’t always agree with his philosophies but I liked the man.

I never confuse who a person truly is with what they do, say or even stand for. Some say that we are what we do. Many seem to act as if we are what we accomplish or what happens to us. I say who we really are is so much more than any of these actions or intentions. We don’t all have to agree or even like what we each say, do or experience but to me it is shortsighted to make what happens to us, what we say or do a representation of who we each really are. If you believe that you are indeed something more and special. If you believe that you are worthy of love, kindness and understanding. And if you believe that you are created from an eternal loving source, that some call God, which is perfect and has the best intentions for you, then you must believe that this applies to each and every single person and entity ever created. And thus what happens to us in this life, what we say and do in this life are just that and nothing more. I try hard to never lose sight of the more important meaning to what this experience is all about for me. It is about reminding myself that I am more than what happens to me. I am more than what I do or accomplish in this life. And I am simply so much more. I do not need to be understood nor do I need consensus with anyone else for these to be my truths. I am love. I am joy. I am eternally good.