“Who am I really?”

“I am more than my mind and body. I am more than what I have. I am more than what happens to me. I am more than what I feel. I am you, I am me. I am the expression of infinite love.” - Tadayoshi Inoue

I used to think that I was my body. I used to think that I was my possessions and what I had accomplished in my life. And I used to think that I was what I felt each day. 

So for over 40 years I set goals and strived to create what I thought was the perfect body and life. I pursued “things” like expensive cars and houses. I pushed myself to be what I thought was the ideal of success. Setting myself upon a course of accomplishments and I got them in spades! 

But the truth came to me from deep within me. It came because I got what I was striving for and I found little happiness in it. Not because my things and experiences weren’t cool to have and do. It was all fun! But what I thought I would get from my life I didn’t. Fulfillment, plain and simple. 

I though I would be happy and fulfilled. I thought I would feel the power of my being. No I didn’t. I just got stuff. And after a while that stuff begins to own you instead of you owning it. You have to maintain them, store them and pay the cost of labor to have them. That would have been great if I thought it was worth the effort. 

Today, I still love nice things, but they don’t mark my life anymore. I don’t care if I live in a hut or a mansion. And I know that all my feelings are valuable and worthy of my time. 

Today I feel the gratitude for almost 52 years of a wonderful, challenging, loving, disciplined and feeling life. Today the gold that I hunt for doesn’t exist in things that I once did. Today the treasures I look for each day are in the deeply loving connections that I find in others. And in the ever expanding understanding of myself. 

I have come to know and embrace that I am a part of an infinite collective consciousness always expanding and never ending. And the only words I can find for it are words of feelings. My feelings are the purest expression of my truth that I know. 

So… I am infinite love. I am the purpose of joy. I am the intention of goodness. 

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About the author
Tad Inoue is an IFBB Professional League judge, Nutritionist and Professional Diet Coach for many clients and athletes worldwide. Tad has been in the bodybuilding and fitness industry for over 32 years and his clients include professional athletes, top amateur atheletes and all other competitors in figure, bikini, men and women's physique and bodybuilding, as well as individuals interested in optimal health. Tad was a National competitor in the NPC for over 30 years and now focuses his passion, knowledge and experience on helping and instructing others in fitness, wellness and athletic competition. His education includes philosophy, theology, nutrition, biochemistry as well as dietetics. He specializes in contest preparation for Figure, Bikini, men and women's Phyisque, Bodybuilding and fat loss for optimal health. Tad is also a speaker on mindfulness, motivation and joyful positive living.