I Am What I Feel

Me backstage at the Masters Nationals in 2010. I placed 3rd in the heavies that year. I loved competing and did so from 1989 until 2015. Now I just focus on coaching my clients, working with my athletes and judging some of the IFBB pro contests. My life as a retired athlete was a hard transition and I think I am just now really feeling at home with it. My goals may have changed for my body, but my love for bodybuilding and my work is stronger then ever. This New Year in 2020 is going to be the best year that I have ever had! I can already feel it! Thank you universe!

I feel my abundant nature when I feel my joy. Joy comes to me only in my present moments. I know that all my feelings are only available to me when I am present and not looking back or forward. I give myself permission to feel all that I do with the messages that I affirm within me. What I tell myself about me is the most critical to how I feel on any topic. When I am feeling bad, sad, upset or low it is always because I am trying to tell myself something deep within me that is not accurate to who I truly know myself to be or to be worthy of. But when I feel joyful, loved or excited it is always because I am allowing my self to feel the fullness of who I am on the inside. I am affirming some message about who I am or what I am worthy of, and in that moment I allow myself to let the well-being that is always flowing to me to flow through me. I become energized in this life from it, and I can feel my own sense of power when I do. I am joy. I am love. I am so very good.