Belief And Faith Are Choices

Me at the top of the Willis Tower in Chicago, standing on the sky bridge! You think you won’t freak out but I definitely took a second to step out on that glass well over a hundred stories up! I fools your brain, you rationally know that you won’t fall but every instinct says “don’t do it!” This is a test of faith.

Faith isn’t rational nor can it be based on anything but a choice. We simply must decide what we are going to believe in. The topic of faith doesn’t even matter. Whether we are taking about God, business or science, what we decide to place our faith in is our choice. The reasons we use to back it up or to support our choices about why we believe are simply just the excuses we have decided to use, and they often serve to make us feel more comfortable about our choices. Consequently, no matter what reasons we each use, if our faith is strong, we end up validating our beliefs with the elements in our experience of life. We literally create the meaning and find the truths that we decide upon. The funny thing about belief is, what we believe to be true, becomes true to us in all the consequences in our life. Choosing how we tell our own life narrative to ourselves and to others is vital to sketching out what we want to create in our lives. And our beliefs are the filters that we pass our imagination through when deciding what is possible for us in our life. Our beliefs either open up doors for us or lock others. I suggest to choose what you believe based on what adds to your wellbeing. And for me that means feelings of love and connectedness, excitement, fun and the joy of life. I am love. I am joy. I am so very good always.