What do you really want?

“What you choose also chooses you.” - Kamand Kojouri

What is your heart’s desire? What do you want most from your life today? Most of us do not really sit with ourselves and ask from our lives what we really really want. Instead, most will only ask what they believe is achievable. This makes sense if you are more worried about failing than succeeding. Nobody wants to set a goal that they can’t achieve. So the real question behind the words is what do you believe about yourself?

All champions and truly successful individuals understand that success comes from taking huge risks constantly. They all are willing to fail over and over until they kick the shit out of what stands in their way! Failure to these people is commonly defined as quitting or giving up on what they want. And this kind of attitude is unacceptable for people who understand how to achieve. 

So many times in my career as a coach have I seen people fall short of their goals, and out of disappointment they quit and give up on what they really want for themselves. They convince themselves that what they wanted must be too big of a goal. So they get in the habit in their lives of lowering the bar of achievement so they can give themselves permission to try. 

This strategy can work to cushion you from some disappointment, but it will not help you achieve the great things that most seek. Success demands that we are challenged and most often that we fall short so that we can learn what we need to in order to excel! 

What do you really want? Are your goals big enough? Can you dream bigger? If you want deeper clarity on these questions let’s talk. This work on mindset I do with my clients is the most fun work! If you want me to help you gain clarity on your goals and why you might be undermining your own success then book a free discovery call with me and let’s talk. If I can help you, I will make you an offer of work. If not, then you get to pick my brain for 45 mins. 

I am love. I am joy. I am so very good. 


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About the author
Tad Inoue is an IFBB Professional League judge, Nutritionist and Professional Diet Coach for many clients and athletes worldwide. Tad has been in the bodybuilding and fitness industry for over 32 years and his clients include professional athletes, top amateur atheletes and all other competitors in figure, bikini, men and women's physique and bodybuilding, as well as individuals interested in optimal health. Tad was a National competitor in the NPC for over 30 years and now focuses his passion, knowledge and experience on helping and instructing others in fitness, wellness and athletic competition. His education includes philosophy, theology, nutrition, biochemistry as well as dietetics. He specializes in contest preparation for Figure, Bikini, men and women's Phyisque, Bodybuilding and fat loss for optimal health. Tad is also a speaker on mindfulness, motivation and joyful positive living.