Our Impact On Others Is Vast And Surprising

“If you could only sense how important you are to the lives of those you meet; how important you can be to the people you may never even dream of. There is something of yourself that you leave at every meeting with another person.” - Fred Rogers

It never ceases to surprise me how much impact we each have on each other. As we walk through our lives we each play a game of comparison at times with ourselves and those we see and interact with. We compare our lives with those of others. We compare our bodies and what we accomplish in this life. The trick is to know that what you are really comparing yourself to isn’t really that person or their accomplishments. Instead, we really compare ourselves to the image or ideas of who we think they are.  It is our assumptions about others that we are using to compare ourselves to, not the real person. 

We see each other and in many cases we see the hope of what we may become or what we would like to develop in our own lives. In this way, we all make a grand impact on the lives of those we may not know. No matter who you think you are, I am sure someone out there thinks high enough of you to want to emulate something about you. Maybe it is your kindness or your smile. No matter what it is, to them it is important and it often gives them one more reason to get up in the morning and to press on in this life. 

We all contribute so valuably to each other in ways we never really know. And in many cases this is enough hope to change lives for the better. It is always up to us to use our ideas and inspirations to uncover the abundance of wellbeing that is always waiting for us each day. It is often hard for us to allow it in. Hunt for those reasons. Look around every corner and in every interaction you have for the seeds of joy and inspiration. If you look for them, I promise they are there. We are feeling creatures looking for the feeling life of experience. I am love. I am joy. I am so very good. Just as each one of you are. 

About the author
Tad Inoue is an IFBB Professional League judge, Nutritionist and Professional Diet Coach for many clients and athletes worldwide. Tad has been in the bodybuilding and fitness industry for over 32 years and his clients include professional athletes, top amateur atheletes and all other competitors in figure, bikini, men and women's physique and bodybuilding, as well as individuals interested in optimal health. Tad was a National competitor in the NPC for over 30 years and now focuses his passion, knowledge and experience on helping and instructing others in fitness, wellness and athletic competition. His education includes philosophy, theology, nutrition, biochemistry as well as dietetics. He specializes in contest preparation for Figure, Bikini, men and women's Phyisque, Bodybuilding and fat loss for optimal health. Tad is also a speaker on mindfulness, motivation and joyful positive living.