“Social Responsibiliy”

“What we owe each other is a metaphor for what we owe ourselves.” - Tadayoshi Inoue

Most social responsibility therists purport that the individual is accountable for fulfilling their civic duty, and the actions of the individual must benefit the whole of society. It is a pretty liberal view that takes most of our own drives and interests and pushes them aside in favor of thinking about the collective but I can’ t help but ask what is my social responsibility to others?

Because we derive a lot of benefit from living in social systems it certainly behooves each of us to act in ways that think about the collective and not just the individual. What may benefit me personally may also harm others. Driving a car for instance benefits me but it might hurt those indirectly in other places where resources are plundered in order for me to actually drive my car. So how do I live a life free from harming others. 

Well I honestly don’t think this is completely possible but we can be conscious or social issues and try to do no harm when at all possible. But to say those that do not take this into consideration are evil or wrong is ludicrous. It isn’t possible to distill the value of a person down to harm or not harming especially since today we live in a world that hides much of its evils that we all participate in. 

Take the inexpensive shirt we buy at a local chain store. In order to sell this shirt for $12 or whatever it has to be made in places that are absolutely doing harm to children who are making these items in countries that do not care about child labor laws. But we want the shirt at this low price. 

It seems to me that in order to have so many comforts and niceties of this life we will be inevitably harming some while others benefit. This is the delimna if we want to do as little harm as possible then we need to be aware of the harm that could be caused by our desires for acquiring the things we each desire daily. 

If we know what harm we might be causing then we can make better informed decisions with your dollars. At the root of our society we must agree that we are all in this together or we aren’t. While I am deeply invested in my own liberties I am also in favor of thinking and acting to help others. 

What do you think?

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