The real reason why I do what I do

“The body you achieve is hidden behind your own beliefs about you” - Tadayoshi Inoue

I really love guiding people to the body they love, helping them come to a perspective that is empowering, and I love sitting with someone in their suffering so they don’t have to suffer alone. I have always found deep satisfaction in offering love and support to anyone who may need it. 

One of the most powerful things about being a diet coach and a fitness coach is that I get to help guide people on a journey that each person really wants to be on. I often times get to see a deep shift in my clients attitude, beliefs and life. It is wonderful to see someone realize their own sense of power. It is very much like watching those videos of people being reunited with a loved one after years of separation. You can literally feel their hearts explode with love and joy. I always cry when I see those videos and it is very cathartic to see my clients achieve.

More than winning bodybuilding shows and bikini contests, my career has given me an addiction to feeling the joy and excitement when a person finds out how wonderful they truly are. When they can finally see the beautiful spirit that I can see I feel like I won the Olympia!

I have been told that I am very good at what I do. But I can tell you why. It’s more than all the hours I have put into my craft, although, that was certainly a prerequisite. It has been the fact that I can’t help it but actually truly and deeply care about all the people that I get to work with. Many coaches can claim this, we have such a beautiful profession, but I really do feel it. 

When I take on a new client I call it adopting new family. I call it that because these are the only kinds of people I will accept as new clients. I don’t care how great your genetics are. I don’t care if your popular or famous. I only care that I can feel a resonance within my heart for my new family member. 

This is why I always have a discovery call first before I decide to make an offer to work with anyone. The only exception that I allow is when one of my current clients refers someone to me. This is the highest form of compliment that I can think to receive as a coach. So I honor my existing client by giving their person a shot at working with me. 

No matter what you look like, no matter how you feel each day… I am with you. I believe in you. And I will always be willing to listen and offer you the best that I have. 

I am love. I am joy. I am so very good. And so are each one of you!

Picture: I did a quick look at some photos and these are just a small collection of clients that I got to witness beautiful changes inside and out!

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About the author
Tad Inoue is an IFBB Professional League judge, Nutritionist and Professional Diet Coach for many clients and athletes worldwide. Tad has been in the bodybuilding and fitness industry for over 32 years and his clients include professional athletes, top amateur atheletes and all other competitors in figure, bikini, men and women's physique and bodybuilding, as well as individuals interested in optimal health. Tad was a National competitor in the NPC for over 30 years and now focuses his passion, knowledge and experience on helping and instructing others in fitness, wellness and athletic competition. His education includes philosophy, theology, nutrition, biochemistry as well as dietetics. He specializes in contest preparation for Figure, Bikini, men and women's Phyisque, Bodybuilding and fat loss for optimal health. Tad is also a speaker on mindfulness, motivation and joyful positive living.