“Do you know what is really standing in your way?”

“What stands between what you desire and where you are today is usually how we each manage the discomfort of the time and effort it takes to achieve what we want.” - Tadayoshi Inoue

What do you think is standing between you and what you really want from your life, your body or your future? I know you know the answer, it is you! What we believe about ourselves and how we approach each experience are the only true obstacles in our way. 

We only control two things in this life. We control what we think about and what we do. That is it folks. We may influence our outcomes but we in no way control them. So setting your expectations in this life to only give yourself permission to celebrate, feel love or feel joyful on the outcomes of your life is, in my guess a losing proposition. 

But if you adjust your expectations to focus more on what you do or what you think about you can always cultivate the kind of life you desire. You may not get to choose your outcomes or what happens to you but you can choose to see what you wish in all your experiences. 

Most think they can only become joyful if something joyful happens to them. Or feel love if someone reflects love at them or feel excited because something exciting is happening to them. But the reality is we determine how we are going to feel by the messages that we affirm to ourselves about ourself. 

It is important to control your thoughts, control how you act so that you can architect a life experience that provides the easiest excuses for you to find your own joy, or love or exciting life. This does not require anything in life to work with you. However, if you believe that it will…. then life will seem to work in concert to help you! This is my experience. 

I am love. I am joy. I am so very good and so are you!

(Picture: this was about 6 years ago at my daughters first “Daddy Daughter Dance” one of my favorite memories! Kiana I love you!)


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About the author
Tad Inoue is an IFBB Professional League judge, Nutritionist and Professional Diet Coach for many clients and athletes worldwide. Tad has been in the bodybuilding and fitness industry for over 32 years and his clients include professional athletes, top amateur atheletes and all other competitors in figure, bikini, men and women's physique and bodybuilding, as well as individuals interested in optimal health. Tad was a National competitor in the NPC for over 30 years and now focuses his passion, knowledge and experience on helping and instructing others in fitness, wellness and athletic competition. His education includes philosophy, theology, nutrition, biochemistry as well as dietetics. He specializes in contest preparation for Figure, Bikini, men and women's Phyisque, Bodybuilding and fat loss for optimal health. Tad is also a speaker on mindfulness, motivation and joyful positive living.