What Do You Offer To Yourself And The World?

Me, former 8x Mr Olympia Lee Haney and my brother Asao Inoue

I forgot I had this awesome picture of Lee Haney, my brother and me from the 2010 Mr Olympia! We ran into Lee after he had eaten sushi in an older restaurant in the Orleans. It was late that evening, but I had to get a picture, I have idolized Lee since the mid-80’s! Lee was so gracious and warm, and he even recommend the sushi for us! We got a couple pictures and my brother and I sat down and enjoyed some sushi! My life in bodybuilding has afforded me many treats like this. And I treasure these moments I get with everyone I meet at shows and in my career. Thank you universe!

I can only offer from within me who I am. My intentions are always good and filled with the motivation of wellbeing for myself and all that I interact with. I do my best to always see others with this pure frequency of love and warmth. However, when I am confronted with feelings and energies that are disruptive or displeasing, I remind myself of who I am. I breathe deeply and I call from within me my true nature. I summon from within me who I am, and I try to disregard what may be coming at me. And then I ask myself, what do I want to offer this from within me? But more importantly, how do I want to really feel in this moment? The answer is always the same. I want to feel the joy from my life. I want to feel the loving feelings in my life. I want to feel the excitement of my life. These wonderful feelings are who I know I truly am. In the end, I am always trying to feel that fuller version of myself. I am love. I am joy. I am so very good.