1 Year of Body Transformation Coaching (duration tbd by scope of work)

This is a customized mind, body and spiritual approach to healing and transforming the body. By going deep inwardly and working from that starting point, we encourage real permanent change. We look at uncovering what is really keeping you back from becoming what you want in your body and life and we rework, remove or revise all the internal messaging that may be getting you stuck.

The objective of this program is to transform from the inside out. We discover and analyze any hidden traumas or beliefs that may be standing in your way of transforming. We approach transformation through the practices of meditation, journaling, other mindfulness modalities, a highly customized and specific dietary plan, physical training and cardio.

This program is a highly customized program. The duration of the program and the financial investment is determined by the scope of work needed. Tad the Diet Coach will determine this ONLY after a Free 45 minute Discovery Call with the potential client.

Tad does NOT accept all inquiries. Tad ONLY accepts clients who are 1. completely ready now to do the work. 2. Only if Tad feels 100% confident that he can produce the transformation. 3. Clients who are open minded and willing to have faith in all of Tad's methodology.

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