CapTri 100% Pure MCT oil

32 Fluid Ounces

- Pure C8 medium chain triglycerides (MCT Oil) from fractionated coconut oil
- Concentrated calorie source for gaining muscle mass
- Energy source for dieters intent on losing fat while retaining muscle

Comes in reg tasteless oil and a great new butter flavor too!

- A healthy cooking agent for frying foods

One great way we utilize CapTri on a low carb strategy and encourage fat loss is with the help of CapTri MCT oil, a fat, containig 8.3 calories per gram. However, becuase of its molecular structure, it digests in the body more like a carbohydrate. In fact, it is burned quicker and cleaner than carbohydrates and has almost no tendency to be stored as body fat. CapTri MCT Oil is used to sustain energy levels, increase ketone bodies in the bloodstream all while lowering carbs or adding quality calories to your diet when trying to gain lean mass.

CapTri MCT Oil is different than other MCT oil products because it Parrillo Performance uses only C8s in the oil which is the unlike other versions which only contain around 40% C8's. This is important because it is the C8 fatty acids that turn directly into ketones and facilitate increased fat burning and provide energy on a low carb diet, not to mention a lean physique.
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