8 Point Hormone Saliva Test

Saliva hormone testing is an accurate way of assessing estrogen, progesterone, DHEA, testosterone and cortisol levels. We offer this in order to help diagnose adrenal fatigue or other hormonal imbalances.

Once the test is purchased, our professional medical staff, Bernadette Inoue, Nurse Practioner, will evaluate the results and schedule a 15 min phone consult to go over your results. If you want more info you can email Bernadette Inoue NP at bern@tadinoue.com

What you will receive upon ordering this service:.

- saliva hormone testing kit (we will ship this to you upon your order).
- 15 min phone consult with medical staff.
- treatment/recommendation plan based on your results and goals

**It's very important to follow the kit instructions that will be sent to you. The results will depend on it.

**If you are not currently a client of Tad the Diet Coach then you MUST select NON-Client pricing on with the pull down menu selector below.

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