9 Day Contest Prep (Peak-Week)

This is a service in which Tad the Diet Coach will guide you through the final 9 days of your contest preparation so that you can display the best possible condition. This service can be applied to the following competitors:

- Bodybuilding
- Figure
- Bikini
- Physique

This service is NOT necessarily an on-site or at event service. This is generally a remote service, however there are 3 possible options available.

Option 1: Best Guess Peaking
Based on pictures that you email Tad, and information that you give Tad about your body and current condition, Tad will formulate the best plan possible in order for you to come in the best possible condition and achieve the best look for you that is possible. With this option you must contact Tad to do this at least 12 days prior to the event.

Option 2: Monitor Tweak and Peak
This option is exactly like the first option with the exception that once a plan has been formulated for you Tad will keep in contact with you for the final 5 days via texts, phone (if necessary) and pictures so that he can monitor and make any last minute adjustments based on what your body does. This kind of monitoring ensures a much higher level of certainty that you will peak just right for your show. With this option you must contact Tad to do this at least 12 days prior to the event.

Option 3: Tweak and Peak "at event"
This option is just like option 2 except only available if Tad is attending your contest event already. If Tad is not already attending your event already then if his schedule permits then selecting this option will come with extra travel and lodging fees.

This option is just like option 2, in which a plan is given, and Tad monitors your condition throughout the final 5 days. This option also includes hands-on monitoring at the event the night before and the morning of the contest. This option ensures the best possible peaking outcome for the athlete. This option is not always available and if interested you will have to contact Tad the Diet Coach first to ensure that he is attending your event or can attend your event. Please contact Tad at tad@tadthedietcoach.com or at his office 951-302-7130.
*Remember, this service is not an on-site service and is done remotely by phone and email. If you would like Tad to attend your event and help you in person for this service, you can request this and travel and lodging fees may apply.

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