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Bikini Contest Prep (off season work also)

This is our premium diet coaching intended for the bikini competitor entering competition. A show can be targeted but Tad the Diet Coach will help plan which show or set of shows that you can target if you need a contest strategy.

This coaching program includes:

1. Nutrition Plan (specific to your body and lifestyle)
2. A private online area where all your diet and program information can be retrieved (or your complete program will be emailed to you whichever you prefer)
3. Weekly phone consultations (for evaluation, program changes, and questions you may have)
4. Supplement schedule (customized for you)
5. Workout plan
6. Customized cardio schedule
7. Contest strategy planning (if needed)

(Additional travel fees may apply if you want Tad the Diet Coach to travel and help you at the event. These expenses are often times split between multiple competitors depending on how many competitors Tad the Diet Coach is working with at the event.)

(monthly program has no contract commitment, done via credit card auto debit only, no refunds 30 days cancellation required for all monthly programs.)
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Posted by: Guest
The reason I contacted Tad was quite simply to help me fine tune my diet and exercise rigimine to achieve results. But, the decision to get serious was a cumulative effect. I hav..
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Posted by: Monica Borel
I began working with Tad last April for the 2010 USA Championships. When I started working with him, I was bloated, swollen, and still extremely carb sensitive from the previous co..
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Posted by: Shameen C.
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