Checkpoint Software Wellness Program

The 1st tier of Tad's wellness program is modalities of mindfulness. When you participate in this wellness program you will receive instruction and education on mindfulness techniques and positive perspectives. Being mindful in your daily life is essential in order to have more control over your experience. Mindfulness promotes stress reduction and better overall health. When we have more control over our stress and emotions we become less emotionally reactive in negative ways and we feel less overwhelmed by our experiences.This is not a method of changing who you are, instead this is a way of allowing you to be the best version of you.

The 2nd tier of this wellness program is food. You will receive an individually designed meal plan that is specifically tailored to your body goals and lifestyle. Each diet is formulated by Tad the Diet Coach, who has over 30 years of experience working with top amateur and professional athletes. Each dietary program is evaluated weekly and modifications are made based on any issues, problems and your particular progress each week. Each program includes a specific diet, an activity plan, a supplement schedule, and weekly evaluations with Tad via phone or email. Each participant also receives unlimited access to Tad for questions throughout your process via email or text message. Tad's expertise is a highly sought after service in the fitness industry and he is considered one of the best diet coaches in the fitness industry.

Finally, any wellness program wouldn't be complete without a focus on mindset. How we feel and what we believe about ourselves is critical to success in any endeavor in life. Tad has worked with many top athletes and clients in diverse fields and occupations over the last 27 years on mastering a positive mindset and an attitude of success. Tad has become a motivator and master student of positive mindset and behavior. Tad will offer his perspective on positivity and his approach to always staying in your "Happy Bubble" and help you find a perspective that will empower you to change behaviors that are not serving you in your pursuit of wellness. Tad's perspectives on mindset are often his client's favorite part of their interactions with him.

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