Joy and Success Coaching

This is my premium Success Coaching counseling service. This is a kind of counseling service that prepares, instructs, redirects and affirms the attitude of success in anyone who suffers from anxiety, depression, lack of results, a less than positive attitude toward yourself or your life's process. You can expect a weekly conference calls with me where we go over any issues that you feel are standing in your way of success and joy and where I will give you techniques and modalities to help you realize your own power, success and self love. Every client is entitled to unlimited email and text communication throughout the week to support whatever life process you are working through. Also, each client will get at least one weekly conference call with me (30-45 mins in duration). This service is a month to month service.

Areas of Focus:
- Know who YOU are
- Understanding the greatness that is YOU
- Releasing Anxiety
- Embracing the Feelings of Success and Joy
- Releasing resistance in your life
- Purposefully manifesting what you want

*There is no refunds or partial refunds for any services purchased. If you have any questions regarding this or any of the services that Tad the Diet Coach offers please feel free to email me at
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