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This is our premium diet coaching program intended for the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter. This program can be used to target a specific contest, fight or just off-season body changes. This program can be tailored to gain muscle, lose body fat or increase power and performance.

This coaching program includes:

1. Nutrition Plan (specific to your body and lifestyle)
2. A private online area where all your diet and program information can be retrieved (or your complete program will be emailed to you whichever you prefer)
3. Weekly phone consultations (for evaluation, program changes, and questions you may have)
4. Supplement schedule (customized for you)
5. Workout plan
6. Customized cardio schedule
7. Contest strategy planning (if needed)
*This plan is intended for the MMA competitor entering competition or who is training in preparation for future contests. A fight could be targeted, but Tad the Diet Coach can help strategically plan which fight you may want to target if you need a fight strategy.
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