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Tad offers 4 coaching programs for figure competitors who are preparing for competition. Each program is tailored to suit your specific body and your lifestyle. best iwc replica watches Tad monitors your progress each week via phone conference and makes any necessary changes so that you come in optimal shape for your figure competition.

Each plan includes:

  • Comprehensive diet plan (modified along the way)
  • Complete workout plan
  • Cardio schedule
  • Weekly phone consultations 
  • Unlimited email support
  • Additional support on posing, food recipes and diet support, suit selection and general stage presence advice

*Additional fees are applicable if you wish Tad Inoue to come to your figure competition and assist you at the show (fees are typically split between all of Tad's competitors in the show you wish Tad to come coach you in)


For more information on this program go to our store

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